Music is what ties us all together, and what tears us all apart.

It’s a notion that I hold sacred. We all love music. Whether it means obsessing over a local garage band, performing in the church choir, waiting thirteen hours in the cold to guarantee a front row spot at your idol’s show, or insisting your parents sing your favorite nursery rhyme, music is in the fiber of our very being. It defines moments in our lives, getting us through the bad ones, and helping us celebrate the good. No other art form is as universally celebrated, nor is any other art form as universally scrutinized. For as much as we can all collectively agree that music is a passion we all share, the details of this passion are as individualized as a snowflake. One’s musical DNA is the collection of all his/her individual varying degrees of loving and loathing, accepting and rejection, obsessing and ignoring, and so on. This music we listen to molds the very people we become. It not only dictates the posters that hang on our bedroom walls, the pins we attach to our backpacks, and the t-shirts that turn us into walking billboards, but also the emotions we feel inside and how we cope with them. In fact, I would find it easy to argue that music is the only proper verbal expression of what we feel.

My name is Dave Iannacone…born and raised on America’s east coast. Music has been an intense passion in my life for as long as I can remember, and probably even before. I’m a list-maker, a chart-junkie, an opinionated analyst, and an all-around enthusiast. My opinions about music are strong, and my fear of expressing them is minimal. I do not form opinions based on ignorance or the opinions of others, and I always keep an open mind. I’m not claiming to love music, understand it, or obsess over it more than anyone else, nor or am I claiming to “know it all.” I don’t. Quite frankly, anyone who claims they do is full of shit. Finally, I am not claiming that my opinion is right. By definition, no opinion is ever “right.” What I hope to do here is express what I do know, and how I feel about it. Maybe you’ll disagree with every word I have to say, and that’s fine! I encourage the debate! When I put my headphones on… whether they’re plugged into my turntable, iPod, computer, or walkman… I am transported to a hyper-emotional, thought-provoking place.  We’ve all got ideas, opinions, and emotions hidden under our headphones… this is my opportunity to express what’s hidden under mine…

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