Playlist: Deep Cuts: Kylie

You know the hits. You love the hits. Now dig deeper.



  • “Light Years”
  • “Too Far”
  • “Speakerphone”
  • “Disco Down”
  • “Made In Heaven”
  • “I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)”
  • “Dreams”
  • “Take Me With You”
  • “Stars”
  • “If I Can’t Have You” (featuring Sam Sparro)
  • “Made Of Glass”
  • “Too Much”
  • “Sleeping With The Enemy”
  • “Tears”
  • “Limbo”
  • “Automatic Love”
  • “Paper Dolls”
  • “Burning Up”
  • “Aphrodite”
  • “Still Standing”
  • “Feels So Good”
  • “Dangerous Game”
  • “Drunk”
  • “Like A Drug”
  • “B.P.M.”
  • “Everything Is Beautiful”
  • “Bittersweet Goodbye”
  • “Right Here, Right Now”
  • “Things Can Only Get Better”
  • “Rhythm Of Love”
  • “We Know The Meaning Of Love”
  • “If You Don’t Love Me”
  • “Les Sex”
  • “Sweet Music”
  • “Love Affair”
  • “Kiss Me Once”
  • “Jump”
  • “Too Much Of A Good Thing”
  • “Look My Way”
  • “Enjoy Yourself”

No ‘Golden’ tracks were included as the project is still in progress… time will tell which songs will fall under the ‘deep cut’ umbrella!

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