Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Tilted” by Christine & The Queens

Already established in her native France, Héloïse Letissier, better known as Christine & The Queens, is a one-woman tour de force ready to conquer the world. Just last year, the synthpop star re-packaged her 2013 debut LP Chaleur Humaine as a self-titled release focused at breaking into the ever un-worldly English-speaking market. Lyrics were redone, bonus tracks were added, but the experience remained as exhilarating as ever. One of Letissier’s biggest moves was updating her hit “Christine,” originally sung entirely in French, into “Tilted.” While the music, the melody, and the arrangement remain untouched, the lyrics transform into a playful Anglo-French ping-pong match that actually endears more towards the latter in the end. Regardless of language, the understated synth pulses, simplified beat, and light rumbles of bass give way for her breathy vocals and infectious hooks to keep the track in a constant forward motion; it’s truly masterful. “Titled” is electropop simultaneously reduced to its bare-minimum and stretched to its most bold, but in the end, it’s equally as euphoric and catchy as the many cheap-shots being swung our way, and that is no easy balance to capture.




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