The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: And The Nominees Are…

Here we are again. Another year, another buzz-worthy ballot from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year, 15 acts are publicly shortlisted, soon to be whittled down to half-a-dozen or so, and what an exciting line up we’ve got! Some MAJOR snubs are seeing a glimmer of hope, while some familiar faces are back for another chance, and, of course, there’s certainly a bit of confusion wrapped up in it all. Here’s the run down:

The Remedied Snubs:

(AKA: “Hallelujah!”)


RRHOFChicagoIt’s pretty unbelievable that this is Chicago’s first nomination. Ever. This is the kind of group that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would seemingly be all about, but instead they’ve just been noticeably ignored. They certainly have all the credentials to make it in, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be talking about their induction in a few months.


RRHOFCheapTrickHere’s another band that has been oddly overlooked, if not on a lesser scale. Cheap Trick is one of those beloved acts with a loyal following and all of the credentials to justify a coveted spot in the Hall of Fame. However, this is their first appearance on the ballot. Who knows whether or not this will be their year, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


JanetJacksonOk now this is huge. I’ve really rallied for Janet and it’s amazing that she’s finally getting her much deserved due. With her direct peers already sitting pretty in the Hall, it’s certainly vital that she joins them sooner than later, especially considering how she’s been long-snubbed. Thanks to all the hype, I’d be pretty shocked if she didn’t get pushed right in.


RRHOFSteveMillerWith such a revolving door of personnel, it’s no surprise that the Steve Miller Band is being represented solely by its frontman. With that said, this is another amazing, long overdue first nomination! With countless classics to his name, there’s really no reason he hasn’t at least made some appearances on the ballot, but it’s certainly better late than never.


RHOFTheSmithsBands like The Smiths come and go when it comes to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations. These cult-favorite bands (the ones not as vast and organized as say, Rush) tend to have massive impacts on alternative rock, but tend not to hang around on the ballot, let alone actually get inducted. The fact that The Smiths are here two years in a row is a good sign.


While it’s clear that the Hall of Fame has been dipping their toes in the waters of progressive rock, the fact that Yes has been left out this long is still insanely puzzling. The fact that this is only their second nomination is even more of a head-scratcher. Let’s get real, these guys more than meet every qualification and they have long deserved this esteemed honor.

The Reoccuring Cast:

(AKA: “Induct Them Already!”)


RHOFChicIn addition to Chic is arguably one of the biggest snubs out there, their consistent ballot-appearance is frustrating and almost cruel. They are clearly not being overlooked the same way most of the aforementioned acts have been … this is their TENTH consecutive nomination… and it’s just about time they give them their full due. I mean, they can’t stringing them along forever (…right?)


DeepPurpleThird time’s a charm! At least hopefully. What is there to say about Deep Purple that isn’t implied just by mentioning them in the same breath as the Hall of Fame. Come on now, these guys are rock gods and it’s pretty clear that they have long been deserving of this honor. It’s sad to think about the possibility of them getting lost in the shuffle, but it’s a very real one.


RHOFNWAWith Straight Outta Compton‘s recent box office blow up launching N.W.A. back into public consciousness in a big way, this is pretty much a given. Not to mention, they are the only hip hop act on the ballot, there hasn’t been a hip hop inductee since 2013, and this is their fourth nomination … it’s pretty much obligatory at this point. Do they deserve this induction? Absolutely.


RHOFSpinnersAnother three-time nominee, The Spinners are really noticeably being back-to-back shortlisted. While soul has seemingly become less and less of a priority, I’m really pulling for these guys. With an impressive run of hits and tons of influence, this group is definitive to the oft-ignored Philly Soul sound, they really deserve this honor for themselves and the genre.

The Backburner:

(AKA: “Not Quite Yet”)

THE J.B.’s

RRHOFJBsI’m not sure where this induction is even going to sit. They were more than just a backing band, but is that enough for an appearance on the ballot? They seem like the kind of group that would just be selected behind the scenes, but with hits like “Pass The Peas” under their belt, it makes a little more sense. Because of their obscurity, I almost think they’ll make it in no problem.


RRHOFTheCarsThis is definitely a group that’s been overlooked (myself included) for quite some time, and while it feels very left field, it’s a really cool nomination. I’m not sure if The Cars are deserving of this honor quite yet, or at least not ahead of some of their fellow nominees. The competition is just way too stiff this year, and hopefully they will find themselves back on a ballot soon.


RRHOFChakaKhanNo. Not before Rufas! Chaka Khan is an amazing undeniable legend and totally deserves all of the recognition in the world. However, the band that launched her career has had an immense impact on music, and her solo induction would seem like her former bandmates will never receive the honor they so greatly deserve. Put them back on the ballot instead.


RRHOFLosLobosNow this is a really cool, unexpected induction! Los Lobos is of the few authentic Latin acts to ever even see a nomination. The group truly made Latino music palatable for rock and roll and their impact is still being felt today. Now, because this is may show up as a head-scratcher to many, it doesn’t look likely that this will be their year.


TNineInchNailsHOFhis is another one that kind of pains me to sort here. Nine Inch Nails deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but now just isn’t the time. In the same way Green Day was irrationally rushed in, it would feel all too similar. N.I.N. still has that “aged like a fine wine” process going on, but it’s not quite peaked yet. When that comes, they should be pushed on in.


  • CHIC
  • THE J.B.’s
  • N.W.A.


  • CHIC
  • YES

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