Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Better Off” By HAIM

HAIM is still a relatively new act in the grand scheme of things, but with an internationally successful album, a hoard of acclaimed singles, and a perpetual hype surrounding them as a live act, it almost feels like they’re seasoned professionals. The trio of sisters instantly made a name for themselves in the music world with their debut single, “Forever,” and subsequent EP. Almost instantly, critics were wetting themselves with excitement, especially after experiencing the girls as a live act (where they truly shine.) Fast forward a year, HAIM has unleashed their debut Days Are Gone on the world (it beat Justin Timberlake to #1 in the UK,) they’re playing bigger venues then ever before (and selling out,) not to mention major festivals, and people actually know who they are. There is one song that their “early followers” are already condemning into obscurity now that the girls have a successful LP under their belt, “Better Off.” The track began as a live staple, and acted as the opening track to their Forever EP.  It was the only song lifted from the extended play not to make it onto Days Are Gone, and therefore remains that “classic early EP track” bound to only be dusted off 10-15 years from now if the girls are still kicking. It’s a real shame because “Better Off” is actually a fantastic track. Kicking off with an accapella intro that sees the girls singing in 3 way harmony, this intense jam exemplifies just why we all paid attention to HAIM in the first place. It doesn’t have that polished, larger than life, Ariel Rechtshaid sound, but instead relies on their inherent coolness and instinct. A year and a half after release, it’s no surprise “Better Off” has dropped out of their live set completely, but please take the chance to know this incredible track before its filed away into oblivion.




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