Playlist: A Tribute To Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers isn’t a household name, but pretty much every household in the world probably owns a record he helped make. This artist  has been one of the most influential forces in music for the past 40 years, and even if you don’t know it, his output is legendary. Probably best known as the mastermind behind disco legends Chic, Rodgers’ signature guitar sound and genius production capabilities quickly became wildly in demand, and they continue to be to this day. He’s worked in some capacity with everyone from Diana Ross to Duran Duran to Madonna to Jeff Beck, and pretty much everybody in between. Whether he was a full blown producer, or was simply brought on board to lay down some of his guitar work, when Nile Rodgers put his mark on a record, it made an enormous impact. Additionally, his songs have been heavily sampled in hip hop, most notably in the genre-defining, game-changing Sugar Hill Gang single, “Rapper’s Delight,” which is structured entirely around Chic’s “Good Times.” It seems that every new generation has been given the opportunity to experience the genius of Nile Rodgers, most recently last year when Daft Punk brought him on board to help craft their award winning Random Access Memories LP. You may or may not know a little song called “Get Lucky;” that’s textbook Nile. So here is your chance to pay tribute to one of the most significant figures in the history of dance, pop, R&B, funk, hip hop, rock (you name it.) Aww, freak out!



  • Chic “Le Freak” [12″ Version]
  • Sister Sledge “He’s The Greatest Dancer”
  • Diana Ross “Upside Down”
  • Madonna “Like A Virgin” [Extended Dance Remix]
  • Duran Duran “The Reflex”
  • David Bowie “Let’s Dance”
  • Daft Punk featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers “Get Lucky”
  • The B-52s “Roam”
  • INXS “Original Sin”
  • Sister Sledge “We Are Family”
  • Steve Winwood “Higher Love”
  • Chic “Good Times” [12″ Version]
  • Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out”
  • Thompson Twins “Lay Your Hands On Me”
  • Madonna “Material Girl” [Extended Dance Remix]
  • David Bowie “China Girl”
  • Norma Jean Wright “Saturday”
  • Cyndi Lauper “Change Of Heart”
  • Duran Duran “The Wild Boys”
  • Grace Jones “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)
  • Sheila & B. Devotion “Spacer”
  • Jeff Beck “Escape”
  • Debbie Harry “Backfired”
  • The B-52s “Cosmic Thing”
  • Madonna “Dress You Up”
  • Chic “I Want Your Love”
  • Sister Sledge “Lost In Music”
  • David Bowie “Modern Love”
  • Seal “Fly Like An Eagle”
  • Carly Simon “Why”
  • Sheena Easton “Do It For Love”
  • Duran Duran “Notorious”
  • Depeche Mode “Route 66” [Nile Rodgers Remix]
  • Daft Punk “Give Life Back To Music”
  • Disclosure featuring Sam Smith, Jimmy Napes, and Nile Rodgers “Together”
  • Avicii featuring Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers “Lay Me Down”
  • Will Smith “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” (samples “He’s The Greatest Dancer” by Sister Sledge)
  • The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puff Daddy and Mase “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” (samples “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross)
  • Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight” (samples “Good Times” by Chic)
  • Chic “Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)” [12″ Version]

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