Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Mr. Wiggles” By Parliament

P-Funk has been described as an “acquired taste,” and I think that’s a fair statement. There’s quite a bit to “get,” but even more not to. George Clinton and his collectives have been renowned for crafting their own brand of funk that has inspired everyone from Prince to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and has even landed them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sometimes the songs are infectiously danceable and other times they’re just about the trippiest thing you’re ever going to hear. If you find yourself completely subscribing to the crazy, you’re in for one incredible ride that could change your life. “Mr. Wiggles” is a song that hasn’t gone on to receive the public recognition of tracks like “Give Up The Funk,” “Flash Light,” and “(Not Just) Knee Deep,” but is an important asset to the P-Funk catalog. This Parliament recording is lifted from their fantastically trippy Motor-Booty Affair and features a terrifying (for back of a better word) vocal performance that starts out as a luring spoken piece and grows into a group-vocal sing-a-long. Sparkling with a jazzy, walking bass line and the delicate blare of horns, “Mr. Wiggles” is one of those songs that you’re either going to “get” or walk away from, but if you give up trying to fit it into some mold, you’re going to have one awesomely crazy and funky experience.




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