Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Shady Love” By Scissor Sisters

“Shady Love” was the very first taste of new music we were treated to in 2012. The Scissor Sisters, renowned for their charismatic pop gems, sprung this little gem on us right out of the gate on January 1st accompanied by a video so hilarious you had to put your hangover aside just few a minutes. At the center of the whole thing was an absolutely fantastic track that was hard to ignore. Credited to the Scissor Sisters vs. Krystal Pepsy (lead singer Jake Shears’ alter ego,) the indulgent dance-rap song is pumped full of personality and one-liners, and features more hooks that should be allowed in a track like this. The group pulls it off flawlessly, though. What could be perceived as them just having a bit of fun actually results in a fantastic romper that proves just how much personality and spunk pop music can have when an artist knows what they’re doing. To top it all off, “Shady Love” features an uncredited, but quite prominent contribution from Azealia Banks, whom, at the time, had yet to properly make a name for herself. Oddly enough, it’s Jake Shears/Krystal Pepsy who handles all of the rap duties, while Banks sticks to singing. The juxtaposition is beyond successful. If you’re not familiar was this group and you like pop music, please take the time out of your life to get to know them. This particular song is one that could be a resounding favorte or a guilty pleasure, but you’re doing to like it. I’ve included the music video as well; you’re not going to want to miss it!




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