Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Underwear” By Pulp

In the mid-90s, while North America was still fixated on grunge, the UK had Britpop to fill their own commercially-viable-alternative-rock (yes there’s such a thing) void. There were plenty of bands making excellent music to fit into this genre, with Blur and Oasis being the most famous, but the “other white meat” bands like Suede, and especially Pulp were equally as important. The latter group’s career dates back to the early 90s, but over a decade after their debut, they gifted the world the truly magical Different Class LP. There probably couldn’t have been a title more appropriate for a group who was directly competing with their predecessors, following the highly important releases of Blur’s Parklife and Oasis’ Definitely Maybe. This was the proof that Pulp truly were in a class all of their own. With massive hits such as the immortal “Common People,” “Disco 2000,” and “Sorted For E’s and Wizz,” Different Class was a juggernaut of sorts, and even its album tracks have been deemed important. Of all the moments on the record I wish everyone knew, “Underwear” is the crown jewel. The track is a should-be anthem straight to the core, but there’s a timidness about it told holds it back from competing with the epic, no-brainer singles that were released. However, “Underwear” truly exemplifies just why Pulp is such an important band. Very few acts could pull off a track like this and not have it sound completely ridiculous; frontman Jarvis Cocker really does have that “je ne sais quoi.” When it comes down to it, this really just an incredible track that helps make an incredible album just that more great. The fact that it’s never truly been given its due makes it that much greater.




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