Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Inkpot” By Shocking Blue

Shocking Blue (sometimes referred to as The Shocking Blue) are hardly the most remembered band of the 60s and 70s. The Dutch group scored a massive international hit with “Venus,” which had a resurgence in the 1980s thanks to the equally as successful cover by Bananarama, but that was pretty much their only claim to fame. The band had several other minor hits across the world following the massive success of their signature hit, but they never properly took off. However, artists like Morrissey and Nirvana (whose debut single, “Love Buzz” is actually a Shocking Blue cover,) cite them as an influence, which is saying something. There’s one particular song in their catalog that I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience. The title track to their fifth album, Inkpot is one of the best psychedelic rock tunes you’ll ever hear. With a clear blues influence, the song kind of treks along with a bouncy progression. Lead singer Mariska Veres charismatically drives the song with her incredible, but restrained vocals, that pair incredibly with the rest of the group’s powerful backing vocals. “Inkpot” gives us one giant hook after another, and is completely memorable if anyone took the time to listen to it. So here’s your chance.




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