Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Well I Wonder” By The Smiths

There are very few indie bands quite as awe-inspiring as The Smiths. The Manchurian quartet, most notably known for their fearless frontman Morrissey and lauded lead guitarist Johnny Marr, cranked out an impressive, dynamic discography for having such a compact career, with many relatively “big” moments along the way. It seems that their fanbase has snowballed over the past 25+ years since their disbandment, upping their status from indie heroes to indie gods. Their four studio albums (and even 3 album-like compilations) are held in the highest of esteem and are often considered amongst the best ever made. Because “hit” is a relative term, and The Smiths certainly have a good number of tracks resembling one, their catalog is a goldmine of masterpieces begging to be dug up. I could do an entire series of Songs By The Smiths I Wish Everyone Knew (which isn’t a terrible idea, actually,) but I’m going with “Well I Wonder” for now. The track, lifted from their pivotal Meat Is Murder LP, is a mid-tempo emotion-ridden piece built around a simple progression and a poignant acoustic guitar line. The real stars of the track are the often-forgotten-about rhythm section of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke who give the song structure and delicate height. Morrissey’s melancholy and pensive lyrics are amongst his simplest, but intentionally so. When he escalates his delivery up to his falsetto, it feels like a gut-wrenching outburst that’s impossible not to get wrapped up in.




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