Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Saw You First” by Givers

Givers may not be the most well known indie pop group on the planet, but they deserved more attention than they got following the release of their debut album, In Light, in mid-2011. Their sound is unique, a juxtaposition of sparkly electro-pop with folk and jazz sounds from all over the world, but it still manages to feel comforting and familiar. Considering how acts like Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters And Men have gone on to achieve both critical and commercial success, despite being far less diverse and interesting, it’s a particular shame that Givers are still waiting to be pushed to the forefront. Nonetheless, there is one particular cut on In Light, besides “Up Up Up” (which actually received an “interesting” cover performance on Glee,) that I would like to do my part in bring everyone’s attention. “Saw You First” is a key track on the album, almost its proper single, that deserves to be heard and praised. The song shouldn’t work, but it ends up being completely successful on every level. Rhythmically, the whole thing could fall off the tracks at any given moment, but it holds on for dear life thanks to a peaceful whirlwind of folksy instrumentation decorated with delicate nuances of keyboards. The melody is sweet, not necessarily instantly catchy, but it acts more as the glue to hold it all together than anything. The way co-lead singers Tiffany Lamson and Taylor Guarisco play off each other is really magical; it’s something that Of Monsters And Men have been able to bring into the public realm. “Saw You First” leans more towards an art track that needs to be experienced and thought about, but the band never strays too far from keeping it just pop enough.




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