Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Heads Will Roll” (Passion Pit Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So as far as alternative music goes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Passion Pit aren’t exactly no-namers. Both acts certainly aren’t chart-toppers or pop stars, but they’ve certainly both reached that level of fame where more than enough people know who they are to be considered relatively “big.” Additionally, both groups have very different sounds within a similar realm. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are certainly not strangers to the keyboard (especially when making their It’s Blitz! album,) but they’re far more guitar-driven alt. rock, while Passion Pit is all about those keys. Still, they’re both awesome in their own ways. Realistically, though, their paths are very unlikely to cross in some sort of major collaboration, but there is one instance where they got pretty close. In addition to creating their own awesome, but a little off-beat, synth-heavy alt pop masterpieces, Passion Pit are known, on occasion, to put on their “remix pants” and put their spin on other artist’s songs. Luckily for us, they got their hands on “Heads Will Roll,” one of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ more well known tracks (for good reason.) Their mix doesn’t focus heavily on the vocals (don’t worry, Karen O is still there,) but takes a song that is already danceable and anthemic and elevates it to a club-worthy state. Now, this isn’t your cliché, 7-minute cheap-shot club mix, it’s a concise, well formatted re-do. Their version manages to be just as cool as the original without taking away from its brilliance or integrity, nor does it dumb it down for us; it still challenges us to a degree, but better believe you’re not going to be able to resist dancing your ass off. This is a great remix.




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