Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Oshin” by DIIV

I could have gone with any song from DIIV’s debut album Oshin to recommend because they’re all pretty damn incredible, but my gut told me to stick with the title track. This is was (quite randomly) the song that sucked me in, so I’m hoping it will have the same effect on you. Indie rockers DIIV may hail from New York, but their West Coast influence is more than obvious. Their dangerous, but successful blend of surf rock, dream pop, post-punk , and shoegaze easily makes them one of the coolest and most relevant bands on the planet today, despite not really getting their proper due yet. Just last year, the group released their first album, Oshin, and it is really a masterpiece. The instruments, including vocals, are barely distinguishable from one another, but it’s more about the overall effect than the individual parts. The title track is just one of many examples of just how well DIIV pulled off this strange shoegazing revival with a modern twist. Sitting at 3 and a half minutes, an average track length, “Oshin” feels like it should be a 7 minute jam; it even starts with a bit of a fade-in, almost as though the part we’re hearing is indeed an excerpt of something bigger. Immediately, though, the sweeping melody sucks you in. The words are incomprehensible, and it’s completely unclear how many guitars it took to make a sound like this, but the euphoric atmosphere feels comfortable and familiar. “Oshin” calls upon our primal musical instincts. It taps into the basic of basics of what we know and almost takes advantage of it. The song is really a piece to a puzzle, but the melody is so incredible that it’s an important one. I highly recommend giving these guys a chance, and this is a good place to start.




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