Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Imagine It Was Us” by Jessie Ware

How Jessie Ware isn’t the biggest artist in pop music right now is beyond comprehension to me. Well, other than the fact that she’s just “too good,” of course. The British songstress released her debut album, Devotion just last year, which was lauded by critics all over the world, despite failing to produce a proper hit to go off of. When Ware re-released the record (the Gold Edition) earlier this year with a series of bonus tracks including the new single, “Imagine It Was Us,” I really thought she had finally sealed the deal for her success. Unfortunately, she still remains a highly recommended and preferred alternative to the mainstream fodder, but please take this opportunity to get to know her. “Imagine It Was Us” is the kind of song that will make you turn off the radio for good. For a song that would have fit in perfectly in the ’90s club scene, there is an indulgent freshness about it. Her voice on the track is delicate and reserved which heightens the level sultriness, but it isn’t sleazy. This song wouldn’t inspire grinding on the dance floor, but provides a mature alternative to “make love,” if you will. There’s a natural euphoria to it that is simultaneously romantic and heartbreaking, but undeniably exciting. It doesn’t need a 7 minute sped up remix to work in the clubs, which is a hard trick to pull off considering how well it works laying in bed with your headphones on. “Imagine It Was Us” is indicative of how great music in 2013 actually is when you chip away at what is being thrown in your face in the World of Top-40. It’s right up there with the throwback jams that have found their place on radio this year (“Get Lucky,” “Blurred Lines,” “Suit & Tie,”) but it throws back to a different time and place. Maybe that’s why radio hasn’t taken to it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Give it a listen.



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