Prince’s New Single…Is This Real?

Every now and then, I head on over to the iTunes store to see what’s going on. This morning, while everything was seemingly status quo, the rotating advertisement banner at the top of the main page caught my eye and my eyed bulged out of my head. This is what I saw:



Clearly, that is not a picture of the Purple One, himself. It’s comedian Dave Chappelle in his 80s Prince garb (one of his more famous skits.) And what’s that in front? Why that would be a poorly photoshopped plate of pancakes. However, the big shiny letters right in the center clearly say the word “Prince;” I checked the spelling of it about a hundred times just to make sure it wasn’t a slight of hand. Not to mention, “Breakfast Can Wait?” What kind of song title is that? This has to be a joke, right? Prince releases new music so sporadically and nonchalantly, that seeing a banner on iTunes (you know, to make some sort of big deal out of it) advertising the song as his “new single” seems very out of the ordinary. For context, he’s released around half a dozen songs this year already, and most of them were given very little attention or push.

Despite the confusion, believe me, “Breakfast Can Wait” is very much real. It’s Prince. He may be a genius, but his sense of humor is impossible to follow. This is the man who embraced the internet head on during a time when most artists rejected it, and then completely denounced it just a few short years later. Now, this is the man who publicly put his iconic “leather and lace” to rest, but is seemingly in a place where he can laugh at himself… or maybe he’s laughing at those who were laughing at him. Nonetheless, the Purple One has, once again, provided us with a conversation piece to scratch our heads over, laugh at, and ultimately consider pure genius.

Oh, and by the way, the song is incredible.


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