Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Lost In My Bedroom” by Sky Ferreira

It seems like the wait will continue on until sometime next year for Sky Ferreira’s debut album, but at least she has continued to tease us with a series of EPs and singles. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the easiest road for her up until this point, between issues with her record label and a lack of decisiveness regarding her musical direction, but her Ghost EP, released last year, was a much needed step forward. In fact, it was more of a jump into hyperdrive forward. Sky is clearly crafting her own brand of alternative pop that is currently impossible not to swoon over. The EP (which will be followed up with another new one in September,) features a daring mix of folksy ballads, and electro/rock-tinged pop anthems, the only common thread being Ferreira’s robotic charm that always hints at something more. While the single “Everything Is Embarrassing” deservingly stole a bulk of the limelight on Ghost, “Lost In My Bedroom” is really a gem all to itself. One of the few (relatively) upbeat moments on the EP, the electro track roars with gritty synthesizers that capture a rock feel without having to completely cross over. Sky’s on-point vocals give the song a hazy atmosphere that is mesmerizing, especially when considering the lyrics. There’s a distance and disconnect in her delivery that counterintuitively leads to the tracks’s success. “Lost In My Bedroom” is not quite “club” enough to be a proper dance track, but it has an anthemic jolt of energy that powerfully elevates in the chorus. Not to mention, the melody is magically bittersweet, making it impossible not to be completely swept away. Sky Ferreira is an artist worth knowing, and while you will most likely find yourself being pulled into “Everything Is Embarrassing,” I would recommend going here next, but ideally first.




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