Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “A Case Of You” by Joni Mitchell

In my mind, everyone has, at minimum, a basic knowledge of Joni Mitchell’s extensive catalog. Also in my mind is the concept that everyone knows and lauds Joni’s epic, classic, and legendary Blue album. After all, it’s arguably (but probably) the greatest album ever created by a solo female artist… so doesn’t everybody know every song on it like the back of their hand? Then again, much of what goes on in my mind doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. Especially the post-Joni generation(s) probably don’t have the grasp on her career they should. Critics will forever be holding Blue in the highest of esteems, but it’s a devastating reality that new generations will have to be afforded the opportunity to discover it before they actually do. So here we go. “A Case Of You,” the penultimate track on the album, is more or less the starkest, deepest, yet somehow brightest moment in a sea of opuses. The song isn’t exactly her claim to fame, but it isn’t particularly her most unknown track, either. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and acclaim; I’m sure proper Joni fans will question who wouldn’t know it. When you really reduce her catalog down to the “essentials,” this track would be included. Nonetheless, what makes “A Case Of You” such a stunning track is the combination of its poignant, yet honest lyrics that are delivered in such a raw and vulnerable way. Joni pushes her voice to the limit, even borders on cracking on numerous occasions, but never does. In addition, ever the acoustic guitar virtuoso, she showcases her skills in a very simple way with some help from James Taylor. All in all, “A Case Of You” is one of the saddest, most gut-wrenching musical experiences you will ever endure, but the track is so beautiful and timeless that I find it impossible not to indulge in it. For all of those who currently haven’t properly immersed themselves in Blue, let this be your gateway drug.



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