Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Ice Hockey Hair” by Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals is easily one of the most endearing indie bands the UK has ever produced. The Welsh band have a sound that, at times, is almost cartoon-like, which pairs appropriately with their illustrated imagery. It’s not as if they’ve gone unnoticed; they’ve scored some minor-hits in the UK, but for as good as they are, it’s mostly just critical backing and a dedicated fanbase that has kept them alive for closing in on the past 20 years. The group can be rather “balls-to-the-walls” at times, and one of their most audacious ventures comes in the form of ’98’s “Ice Hockey Hair.” The seven minute epic lifted from the EP of the same name is a journey of sorts that sounds like the Beach Boys’ and ELO’s musical love child with a completely modern spin. There’s very little structure to it, but it moves along like a well-thoughtout song should, firing different ideas at us left and right. The guitar parts are searing, the percussion is thundering, and the vocals move from vocoder-induced to anthemic and sing-songy. Every moment seems to be sweeter and trippier than the next, but, believe me, it doesn’t require intoxication to properly understand. “Ice Hockey Hair” may refer to the infamous mullet, but they deliver it as if the track is more profound than Bob Dylan’s greatest works. Put it on, listen to it, know it.



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