Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Paradise” by Wild Nothing

Released just last year, one-man-band Wild Nothing (technically Jack Tatum records the songs by himself) released his sophomoric album, Nocturne to general acclaim from the music world, but very little attention from the public. Even though he tours with a full band, and they carry themselves as one, he’s still the mastermind, which brings a delicate authenticity to the music. What could only be described as dream pop with an indie twist, the music creates an atmosphere that wraps itself around motifs of emotion and euphoria in a way the laughable Owl City has cheaply failed to execute. The clearcut pinnacle of Nocturne (although the whole album is worth giving a listen) is “Paradise.” The track is rather simple, built around a few magical key parts that are eloquently pieced together like an intricate mosaic. Just when the song starts to hit its stride, Tatum pretty much cuts everything out to begin one of the longest mid-song builds you’ll ever hear. The anticipation seems unyielding on an almost painful level, but if you allow yourself to get lost in the atmosphere, it’s really quite profound. When the release kicks in, it’s a high no drug could ever replicate.

And here’s a YouTube link for those that don’t have Spotify: 

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