There are very few musicians as unique and enigmatic as Prince, but there are very few musicians as downright talented as Prince. The sheer volume of music he has released over his almost-35 year career is staggering; when you clear away an unparalleled collection of hits, famous album tracks and b-sides, and songs recorded by other artists (from his own proteges to the likes of Chaka Khan, Sinéad O’Connor, and the Bangles,) you’ve really only tackled the tip of the iceberg. There are far too many masterpieces tucked far down into his ocean, but luckily “Dolphin” has the ability to swim out on its own. The track was included as part of his The Gold Experience LP, the first released under his unpronounceable moniker. The artist, now referred to as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, took on his record label head-to-head when they decided to release older “Prince” music while he put out his own tunes under his symbolic name (he won.) While the single “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” went on to be a huge international hit,  “Dolphin” was really the unsung hero of the project. The track brings the guitar out to play in a big way as The Artist rips through an uplifting anthem dazzling in metaphor. Right with the opening line, “How beautiful do the words have to be before they conquer every heart?,” it’s clear that he knows how to look right into our souls and captivate us. “Dolphin” is an undeniable masterpiece that deserves the attention that “Purple Rain” and “Kiss” have gotten, if not more.