Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Fool’s Day” by Blur

When Blur reunited in 2009 for a series of gigs, it felt like everything was right in the world. By that point, the full line up hadn’t played together in ten years, and just the fact that they were getting out there to play classics such as “Girls & Boys,” “Song 2,” and “Tender” was enough to keep the music world’s interest. Of course, though, new material was what we all really wanted. Despite not putting out a full album, or even a proper single, the band decided to put out a new track for record store day on a limited 7″ vinyl (and also put up a free download online.) Upon the opening beats of “Fool’s Day,” it immediately feels like home. The song is a clear descendant of their early “Britpop” years; it could have easily been an outtake from Modern Life Is Rubbish. With a trademark Graham Coxon sonic driving an England-centric Damon Albarn lyric, “Fool’s Day” manages to be bouncy and catchy without ever locking in on any particular hook. By the time Graham launches into his solo at the end, there’s an overwhelming sense that Blur is back, and always will be back in one capacity or another. It’s a brilliant song that holds up effortlessly in their unparalleled catalog.

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