The Best F-in’ Songs!

I promise I’ll keep this as PG-13 as possible…

It takes some serious balls to put out a song with the “F” word in the title. With censorship the way it is, it’s not exactly easy for a mainstream artist to get away with dropping the F-Bomb unnoticed, let alone boldly fitting it into the song’s actual name. So in honor of both artistic freedom and balls-to-the-walls profanity in general, here are 10 awesome f-in’ songs! Give em a listen!

WARNING (In case you were completely oblivious up to this point…) ALL OF THESE SONGS CONTAIN THE “F” WORD:

Arctic Monkeys “Who The F*** Are Arctic Monkeys?”

The Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk To F***k”

Eamon “F***k It (I Don’t Want You Back)”

Cee Lo Green “F***k You”

PJ Harvey “Who The F***?”

N.W.A. “F*** Tha Police”

Robyn “Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do”

Solange “Some Thing Never Seem To F***ing Work”

Super Furry Animals “The Man Don’t Give A F***”

Amy Winehouse “F*** Me Pumps”

…now these are some pretty fucking awesome songs!

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