Songs I Wish Everyone Knew: “Take Me With You” Kylie Minogue

So I decided to start a new, on-going series of posts called “Songs I Wish Everyone Knew.” I will be featuring some of the best tracks you will ever hear that just happen to be tucked away in some form. Some will be obscure b-sides and album tracks, some will be singles that never took off, and some might be hits that just got covered up in the sands of time. These are all tracks I just honestly wish that everyone had the pleasure of enjoying! And here’s your chance to!

My first installment will be a particularly selfish one. Kylie Minogue has long been my favorite pop star, and there really isn’t an artist’s catalogue I knew through and through quite like her’s. Wipe away all of the euphoric, sultry pop glitter of hits such as “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” “Spinning Around,” and “Slow” (not that there’s anything remotely wrong with that,) and you’re left with some ridiculously incredible, emotion-driven tunes. Unfortunately, outside of one or two songs, a vast majority of these tracks are left for the die-hards to champion and the public to completely skip over. Far and away her best of this lot is “Take Me With You,” which, itself, has barely seen the light of day. The full length, 9 minute finished version has only ever appeared in 3 places, a promo EP given away with her Impossible Princess album in Australia, and two subsequent compilations focusing on her material recorded with DeConstruction Records (Hits+ being the most noteworthy and accessible.) Despite being featured in the setlist to her Intimate & Live Tour, “Take Me With You” has never been given its proper due in the public’s eye. That’s a particular shame, because the song is nothing short of epic. Swirling with tribal drums, haunting strings, chanting chorus, and a stellar vocal delivery from Kylie, the song will easily give you chills with every listen (the 3 minute instrumental coda tacked onto the end will blow your mind.) Written by Ms. Minogue herself with long-time collaborator Steve Anderson, “Take Me With You” is one of the highlights of her career, that is so seldom highlighted. Don’t go into this song excepting any “La la la”s or “Lucky lucky lucky”s, this track is on an entirely new level.

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